Twenty-ninth Entry The Value of Reading

November 29, 2013 The Cat in the Hat, Charlotte’s Web, Good-night Moon, Stuart Little and Winnie the Pooh are all beloved children’s books that my Mom read to me fifty plus years ago.  You may recognize the list of classic book titles, may have listened to, or even read the same books as a kid. Continue reading “Twenty-ninth Entry The Value of Reading”

Twenty-fifth Entry The Right Month

November 25, 2013 “Are you my month? Can we celebrate the month of March together?” Miss Valentine asked.  Mr. Green, a four leaf shamrock, wondered why Miss Valentine asked him to share the month of March.  “Oh no, the month of March is not yours, Miss Valentine.  It is my month,” stated Mr. Green.  “MarchContinue reading “Twenty-fifth Entry The Right Month”

Twenty-fourth Entry PreKindergarten ABC Book

PreKindergarten ABC Book A is for Apple, Abacus, Add, Art B is for Books, Backpack, Bell, Boys C is for Colors, Circle Time, Calendar Time, Computers D is for Drawing, Desk, Drama, Dinosaurs, Dance, Digit, Down E is for Explore, Exam, Excitement, Excellent, Expectations, Even Numbers F is for Friends, Fun, Flag, Flowers, Folk Tales,Continue reading “Twenty-fourth Entry PreKindergarten ABC Book”

Twenty-third Entry Are You Naughty or Nice?

November 23, 2013 Are you naughty or nice?  The Christmas Elf is sitting on the shelf, as he watches you and wants to know about your behavior.  Are you making good choices or bad choices?  Santa Claus needs to know.  The Christmas Elf will report to Santa with a list of those who are naughtyContinue reading “Twenty-third Entry Are You Naughty or Nice?”

Twenty-second Entry Where Were You?

November 22, 2013 Where were you on November 22, 1963?  I was in Mrs. Smith’s second grade at Riverview Elementary School, Anoka-Hennepin Independent, School District No. 11, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The principal, Mr. Humbert, made the announcement, over the school’s intercom system, about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  I recall just staring atContinue reading “Twenty-second Entry Where Were You?”

Twenty-first Entry Time to Show What You Know

November 21, 2013 A good night’s sleep.  Check. A nutritious breakfast that provides brain food.  Check. Plenty of water to keep me hydrated.  Check. Hugs from Mom & Dad with many encouraging words & wishes, “Just do your best. We know you can do it.” Double check. Two sharpened #2 pencils and an eraser.  Check.Continue reading “Twenty-first Entry Time to Show What You Know”