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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Write Team

Make a Personal or Family Resolution and Fulfill the Promise

The countdown to the new year has arrived and 2014 has made its debut.  Did you make resolutions for the new year? It is customary, as each new year begins, to reflect on changes that one wants to make or changes that one needs to make.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a resolution as: a promise that you make to yourself; to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year.  Making resolutions is a tradition that forty-five percent of Americans make at the beginning of a new year, according to

Making a resolution is the first step.  It is the easy part.  Did you know that only 8% continue to make progress towards the success and achievement of a resolution?  Many do not keep the promise of a resolution and are unable to achieve the goal for improvement.

There are a variety of resolutions that one can make, to achieve goals and show results, that equals self improvement and success.  Think back through 2013.  Contemplate what you may want to change for the better.  What are your desires?  Do you have a habit that you would like to change?  Set reasonable goals that can be achieved and are sustainable.  Will you consider a professional career resolution or a personal resolution or even a family growth resolution?  Make a resolution that is simple and attainable, a promise that you can fulfill and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in, knowing that you are making a difference for the better.

You may want to consider setting an individual, personal objective as resolution for yourself.  Resolutions made as a family, that include all family members, are always a great way to encourage and support one another.  Aiming towards and attaining personal intentions or achieving a family objective suggests a unified determination for success, along with a feel good sense of accomplishment.

Everyone is familiar with the following personal resolutions:  lose weight, eat healthy, exercise more, spend less; save more, be more organized, etc.  Perhaps you may want to consider a refreshing resolution based on a theme, for the entire family.  For example, think about a theme of Mindfulness. Be present in the moment.  Listen to one another.  Unplug yourself from your electronic device.  Multitasking and constant distractions affect the overall quality of life.  Another suggested theme, that brings a family together, is to read and write everydayBegin a new habit of reading together and enjoy the time spent with the kids reading.  Write stories, poems, and letters together.  Everyone will benefit from new knowledge. Another great family resolution idea is to consider the importance of the beauty of our earthTake walks together.  Explore, observe, learn and discover with each other.  Plant a tree.  Plant flower seeds or even plan for a vegetable garden.  Nature has so much to offer.  Time spent with each other and a bountiful harvest of homegrown goodness, will be the ultimate goal, if you and your family decide to make this resolution.

Once a decision is made about the intent and purpose of a resolution, the second step is to think about how the promise can be kept.  How will you attain this goal?  What is your plan?  Consider posting the resolution in a prominent location as a reminder, such as on the refrigerator, on a display board, on a calendar or even on a bathroom mirror.  Make a plan that clearly states the effort toward attaining the accomplishment.

Now it is time for action.  Build the momentum.  Begin with small steps.  Drastic changes will equal failure.  If you temporarily relapse, don’t be hard on yourself.  Think about what led to the old, unwanted habits or the lack of achieving the set goal.  Learn from set backs and mistakes.  Through adjustments, determination, and perseverance, changes can be made for you to continue on your way, to achieve your goal, with renewed enthusiasm.

Consider monthly checkpoints along the way, to reflect on the progress made toward your objective. Evaluate your improvement.  Adjust if need be. Reward yourself for a job well done.  Move forward with purpose, for more continued success, as you keep the promise of your resolution.

Time to usher in the new year with a new beginning filled with aspirations, dreams and hopes.  Make a personal or family resolution.  Be true to yourself and fulfill the promise.  Set attainable goals that you desire and can achieve.  You can do it!  Before you know it, you will celebrate success by arriving at your ultimate destination. Happy New Year.

Sue Leopold is an educator with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s of Science degree in Reading.  She is a wife, a proud Mother, and an Oma of seven.  She also describes herself as a cyclist on a pink Marin Portofina, a 5K jogger, creative crafter, a painter of acrylics and an organic gardener on the prairie.

“Sharing the importance of the love of learning is a passion of mine,” explained Sue.  “The key to learning and growing is in the power of the written word.  Knowing how to read, comprehend what is read and the skill of writing are required skills that will equal student success.  Parents are our children’s first teacher.  Empowering parents and guardians with tips and tools that are needed to support their child’s learning at home and at school, prepares the child for a successful future.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts, ideas, and tips about the importance of promoting literacy for all children and students and my love for learning with those who read the Enquirer – Democrat.”


About Prairie Garden Girl

I am a wife who is adored by my Sweet Perry. Together we are parents to five boys and grandparents to seven unique grands. Pa Perry and Oma Sue love instilling the love of learning in the hearts of Johannah, Joshua & Jaxon; Henry & Charlotte and Lily & Lane. I am a reader. I am an aspiring children's picture book writer. I am a creator who sews and paints with acrylics and watercolors and sketches with colored pencil. I am an educator to hundreds of students, throughout the years. I am a cyclist on a pink Marin Portofina, and a 5K jogger. Perry and I are organic gardeners and enjoy homesteading on the Illinois prairie. Life is a beautiful ride with my Sweet P. Together, Perry and I feel life is a journey filled with joy. We want to live our lives by leaving the world a better place.
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