Analyze a Favorite Song

RhyPiBoMo Prompt # 2 Good morning Rhymers Write down the words to one of your favorite songs and analyze the rhyme, rhythm and choice and patterns of words. The Hills Are Alive Music: Richard Rodgers English lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II The hills are alive with the sound of music With songs they have sung forContinue reading “Analyze a Favorite Song”

Reason Why I Want to Write in Rhyme

RhyPiBoMo Can You Believe It Is Time for Rhyme? Prompt #1 Make a list of the reasons why you want to write in rhyme!  We will refer to this list later this week: 1.  As an educator I know that the ability to rhyme is a powerful tool in learning how to read. 2.  RhymingContinue reading “Reason Why I Want to Write in Rhyme”

Helpful Tips for Teaching Children to Read Tricky Words

Helpful Tips for Teaching Children to Read Tricky Words My fourth article published in The Macoupin County~Carlinville Enquirer~Democrat Newspaper For children, a key milestone on the journey to success in life, is learning to read. Young children begin developing literacy through the skills of listening and speaking, followed by reading and writing. Development of children’s literacyContinue reading “Helpful Tips for Teaching Children to Read Tricky Words”

Rhyming Picture Book Month April 2014

Just a few more days til the Rhyming Picture Book Month Challenge begins by Angie Karcher. Check out the information about RhyPiBo.  Several critique groups have been formed and I am on The Green Eggs and Ham team. My team leader is Mandy Yates. Mandy Yates Suzy Leopold Ann Magee Joanne Sher Michele Adams Norman SaDonnaContinue reading “Rhyming Picture Book Month April 2014”

The March Madness Writing Contest by Susanna Leonard Hill

Suzy Leopold Word Count: 330 March 22, 2014 Farmer Erick and His Three Sons It all began . . . Once upon a time, long, long ago on the fertile, rolling fields of the prairie in the Midwest state of Illinois.  There lived Farmer Erik and his three sons: Jak, Blew, and Hanzule. One fine, SpringContinue reading “The March Madness Writing Contest by Susanna Leonard Hill”

Dear Editor Giveaway

“The Editor believes the path to publication should be as full of celebration as it is of hard work.  Therefore, to celebrate finishing the final draft of her new craft book, Writing and Selling New Adult Fiction.  The Editor is giving away a FREE EDIT of a full fiction manuscript.”  Entry deadline is TODAY:  March 22, 2014.Continue reading “Dear Editor Giveaway”