Reading Is Not on Summer Vacation

As the school year comes to an end, some students will experience a summer learning loss or the “summer reading slide.” Did you know that children can lose two to three months of reading progress if reading comes to an end on the final day of school? The loss of three months, every summer, accumulatesContinue reading “Reading Is Not on Summer Vacation”

A Book in Every Child’s Hands

A Book in Every Child’s Hands is a project created by Laura Wintczak Eckroat. Laura is a Children’s Author and a Kindergarten Teacher who teaches in Ft. Worth, Texas.  She believes, “Every child should have access to new and wonderful books.”  Laura is working on an outstanding project to raise money to purchase books from upContinue reading “A Book in Every Child’s Hands”

Five Ways to Cultivate Fearless Summer Readers

Written by Pam Allyn Huffington Post Founder and Executive Director, LitWorld & LitLife; author; literacy and education expert and advocate1. 1. Affirm your child’s strengths. 2. Follow your child’s lead. 3. Provide access to many reading types. 4. Invite your child to join communities of readers. 5. Read aloud. The five recommendations that PamContinue reading “Five Ways to Cultivate Fearless Summer Readers”

Start With a Book

Start with a book.  Read. Talk. Explore. All summer long!  Brought to you by Reading Rockets. Be careful of the *Summer Slide.*  School is no longer in session. School’s out for the summer!  Sure it is time to rest and relax.  Time for travels and family vacations.  Make sure you and your family include summertimeContinue reading “Start With a Book”

Inspiration [ĭn′ spǝ-rā′ shǝn] n. is Everywhere

Inspiration [ĭn′ spǝ-rā′ shǝn] n. is Everywhere What inspires you to write? Where do you find inspiration when writing for children? How do you seek out ideas for inspiration to write children’s literature? The American Heritage dic•tion•ar•y defines the word inspiration: [ĭn′ spǝ-rā′ shǝn] n. 1. Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a highContinue reading “Inspiration [ĭn′ spǝ-rā′ shǝn] n. is Everywhere”