Teachers Write!

Teachers Write! Kate Messner Today, choose a memory from your own life, preferably of a deeply felt emotion (i.e. fear, joy, embarrassment, anger, sadness). Now write the experience as fiction, as if it happened or is happening to your character. It can be either in first or third person, past or present tense. It canContinue reading “Teachers Write!”

Kids Are Writers Summer Camp-Day 4

Kids are Writers, hosted by Michelle Lynn Senters is hosting an outstanding  Summer Camp- Day 4 for children, age 8 through adults. The writing prompt for the fourth day of camp is to invent a holiday.  The writing prompt indicates to use your imagination and write about a realistic holiday that can be celebrated each and everyContinue reading “Kids Are Writers Summer Camp-Day 4”

Teachers Write ~By Kate Messner

Teachers Write hosted by Kate Messner is an outstanding summer writing opportunity.  It is a free online writing camp. WHO:  Teachers and Librarians WHAT:  Teachers Write 2014! WHEN:  July 7 ~ August 15 Check out the following mentors and authors that Kate Messner introduces and what she has to say: Kate Messner: That’s me – I’m yourContinue reading “Teachers Write ~By Kate Messner”

Kids are Writers Summer Camp

Today, July 1st, KAW Summer Camp begins.  It is FREE to all writers and is hosted by some excellent coaches/writers from Kids are Writers. Michelle Lynn Senters is the Founder and Coach. WHO: Writers (ages 8-adult) will enjoy and benefit from the KAW Summer Camp. WHEN: July 1-30, 2014 WHERE: As long as you have Internet access,Continue reading “Kids are Writers Summer Camp”