National Poetry Day

Many readers and writers are familiar with Poetry Month that is celebrated during the month of April. During this springtime month, many Language Arts Teachers incorporate the study of poetry in the classroom. Students learn about the rhythm and rhyme of poetry, that just seems to sing, as one reads a poem.

My many students, throughout the years, from preschool through 8th grade, including college level students, and I enjoyed reading and writing poetry together in the classroom. Acrostic poems, Bio poems, Diamante poems, and Haiku were the top choices that my students learned about, wrote about and kept in their pockets.

Mrs. Leopold's Bio Poem

Mrs. Leopold’s Bio Poem

Do you know about National Poetry Day? Hopefully, your answer is a resounding, yes!

Like a flower. For it's hour. ~Walter de la Mare

Like a flower. For it’s hour. ~Walter de la Mare

Before I share information with you about National Poetry Day, you need to know about The Forward Arts Foundation.

In 1991, William Sieghart, a poetry lover, noted a need for a published anthology containing the best poetry of the year. Sieghart published one himself.

The Forward Arts Foundation
The mission statement is: “A charity committed to widening poetry’s audience, honouring achievement and supporting talent.”

The purpose is:

  • to identify and encourage talent
  • to inspire a love of poetry in people of all ages and circumstances
  • to support poets at all stages of their careers
  • to encourage collaboration with performers, musicians, artists, film-makers and social innovators
  • to build a sense of community through developing membership

Three years later, in 1994, Sieghart founded National Poetry Day. The annual event is held during the month of October.

National Poetry Day
Thursday, October 2, 2014
Theme: Remember

Think of a Poem

Think of a Poem

Making poetry heard is important. The Forward Arts Foundation has excellent lessons for celebrating poetry in the classroom. Just check out this link for many lesson plans and much more.

I have a memory of being introduced to poetry, when I was in 5th grade.

My favorite poem, Me, is by Walter de la Mare, 1873~1956.

My favorite poem from 5th grade.  Do you believe I still have it?

My favorite poem from 5th grade.
Do you believe I still have it?

by Walter de la Mare

As long as I live
I shall always be
My Self-and no other,
Just me.

Like a tree.

Violets that grow in my prairie garden.

Violets that grow in my prairie garden.

Like a willow or elder,
An aspen, a thorn,
Or a cypress forlorn.

Like a flower,
For its hour
A primrose, a pink,

Or a violet –

Sunned by the sun,

And with dewdrops wet.

Always just me.

Research shows that beginning readers benefit from listening to stories and poems that rhyme. Emergent readers and writers become stronger and better readers.

Do you have a favorite poet? Can you recite a poem by memory?

It’s not too late to celebrate the beauty of poetry. Why wait until the month of April or the one day in October? Celebrate the love of poetry all year long with Kristine O’Connell George.

What poem are you thinking of? Do you have a special poem that you remember as a kid? Which poem do you carry in your pocket? Do you have a poem that you hold deeply in your heart? Poetry must be heard! Poetry must be shared!

Think of a Poem with Suzy Q

Think of a Poem with Suzy Q


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