A Very Heartfelt Thank You

A Very Heartfelt Thank You. You are welcome, Lisa. It is my pleasure to nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You are inspiring to me. Thank you for continuing to be my long distance friend, across the many miles from Texas to Illinois.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award Part II

Kathryn Howes shares her thoughts on motherhood, writing for kids, and raising readers on her blog at Katey Writes. Once again, thank you! Katey nominated me last week with a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. The rules are to: Display the award on your blog Link back to the person who nominated you State 7 things about yourselfContinue reading “Very Inspiring Blogger Award Part II”


10 Cute Kids Books for Groundhog Day!

Will the groundhog see his shadow this year? Will there be six more weeks of winter or will Punxsutawney Phil predict and early spring? The answers to these question will be revealed on February 2nd! Do you know about these five fun facts about Groundhog Day? 1. Groundhogs are also called woodchucks. 2. Groundhogs liveContinue reading “10 Cute Kids Books for Groundhog Day!”

Critiquing for Maximum Benefit and Minimum Hurt Feelings–part 3 of 7, BONES, BONES WE DIG FOR BONES

Originally posted on Sub It Club:
Okay. By now you’ve taken advantage of the Sub It Club Critique Partner Matchup. So it’s time to continue our journey toward Critiquing Greatness by looking at another important feature of a manuscript: the bones, or structure. STRUCTURE CHECKLIST Does the story start in the right place? All manuscripts,…

#RaisingReaders Monday: Multicultural Children’s Book Day

Today is Multicultural Children’s Book Day. How are you going to celebrate? Kids of all ages, colors, and ethnic backgrounds must be able to “see themselves” and “find themselves” in the books that they read. Books that celebrate diversity through ideas, language, race, religion, and tradition must be written, published and read to kids. ItContinue reading “#RaisingReaders Monday: Multicultural Children’s Book Day”

10 Math & Science Topic Choice Mentors + 10 Book Giveaways

Check out a Word Press blog that I came across today for the first time, TWO WRITING TEACHERS; A Meeting Place for a World of Reflective Writers at 10 Math & Science Topic Choice Mentors + 10 Book Giveaways. The About page features a stellar list of writers that includes a certified literacy specialist, a literacy coach an editorContinue reading “10 Math & Science Topic Choice Mentors + 10 Book Giveaways”

Very Inspiring Blogger Award Part I

I am feeling blessed and grateful. My writerly friend on Word Press, Katey Howes. nominated me with a Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  Katy is a children’s author, literacy advocate, and a Momma to three girls. For now, I share my excitement with you as a quick glimpse. I know, I know . . . Such aContinue reading “Very Inspiring Blogger Award Part I”