Happy Popcorn Day!

Happy Popcorn Day! What’s your favorite popcorn snack? Do you like Cracker Jack, Kettle Corn or fresh popcorn with melted butter and salt? There are so many flavors to enjoy, it’s hard to choose.

The Popcorn Book By Tomie de Paola

The Popcorn Book
By Tomie de Paola

In celebration of Popcorn Day, today’s featured book is The Popcorn Book, by the beloved Tomie de Paola. This book is just another reason why everyone loves Tomie, his stories and his illustrations!
IMG_1882 IMG_1883Written with a blend of facts and fun, the story is narrated by brothers Tony and Tiny. Mom gives the boys permission to make some popcorn. Together the boys begin a delightful adventure as they learn about the history of popcorn, many facts and various ways to pop corn, followed by a blizzard of popcorn and two popcorn recipes. Tomie just knows how to write a book that is both entertaining and informative.

The Popcorn Book By Tomie de Paola

The Popcorn Book
By Tomie de Paola

Enjoy the You Tube of The Popcorn Book being narrated by Sangah and Sohee.

This picture book lends itself to dozens of lessons and activities for children
ages five and up. Here are half a dozen ideas to use in the classroom or for a
fun activity at home.

1. Write a haiku poem about popcorn.

Kernels of corn. Pop!
Popcorn is a tasty treat.
May I have some more?

2. Estimate the amount of popcorn kernels in a clear container. Make it
more challenging for older children, by displaying the popcorn in a

3. Find the words that you know. See how many words you can make
from the title of the book, The Popcorn Book. Challenge kids to write
as many words that they see and write during a set time.


4. Have fun outdoors with a relay race. Pairs of students stand facing
each other about six feet away. Student A uses a plastic spoon
to carry popcorn kernels to Student B. The popcorn kernels are passed
on to Student b and now must return to the designated starting point
without dropping a kernel.

5. Play a vocabulary enrichment match with important words to know:
archeologist, discovered, explorers, kernels, legend, 
method, moisture, popcorn, refrigerator, tablespoon 

Words to Know

Words to Know

6. Use the five senses to describe and write what the popcorn looks
like, smells like, tastes like, sounds like and feels like. Write about the
Five W’s:
*Who? Who discovered popcorn?
*What? What’s the best way to make popcorn?
*When? When do you enjoy eating popcorn?
*Where? Where should popcorn be stored?
*Why? Why does popcorn pop?

Consider making some popcorn with kids today. Since most kids are familiar with microwave popcorn only, take some time to introduce children to the old fashioned way of popping corn on the stove. Kids love the flavor of popcorn and adults appreciate the nutritional value.

The story finishes with a feel good ending as Tony and Tiny, exclaim, “The best thing about popcorn . . . Is eating it!


Such a satisfying ending.


Do you want some?

Do you want some?

Oops! I should have saved some for you!

Oops! I should have saved some for you!

Additional Facts:
Popcorn Facts

The Popcorn Book
By Tomie de Paola
Age Range: 5 and up

Grade Level: Kindergarten and up

Lexile Measure 830L

* January 19th Popcorn Day
* October is Popcorn Month
*The corn belt states include the following Midwestern states:
Illinois [state where I reside], Indiana,
Iowa [Tina Cho’s home state], Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

Cornfields are all around our neighborhood during the Summer.

Cornfields are all around our neighborhood during the Summer.

Peek a Boo! I see you

Peek a Boo! I see you


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2 Responses to Happy Popcorn Day!

  1. kateywrites says:

    Love this Tomie DePaolo book (and so many others) – and I had no idea there was a popcorn day! What a fun group of activities. Personally, my favorite popcorn snack is Harry and David’s Moose Munch, which my mom sends wrapped in boring brown paper and I hide in my bedside table so the kids never know I have it.


    • I so agree with you, Katey! There are so many fabulous books written and illustrated by Tomie de Paola. Mmm . . . Harry & David’s Moose Munch wrapped in a boring brown bag sounds perfect. Especially since your Momma sends it your way. How sweet that you keep a stash in a secret spot.

      Liked by 1 person

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