Very Inspiring Blogger Award Part II

Kathryn Howes shares her thoughts on motherhood, writing for kids, and raising readers on her blog at Katey Writes. Once again, thank you!

Mrs. Katey Howes

Katey nominated me last week with a Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Very Inspiting Blogger AwardThe rules are to:

  • Display the award on your blog
  • Link back to the person who nominated you
  • State 7 things about yourself
  • nominate 15 bloggers, link to them and notify them of the nomination.

Okay, Katie, I’ll give it a try. Not too certain if I can write about myself as I prefer to write stories about kids and for kids; not about me! My Grandpa Seibold would say that is being “big-headed”!

Seven Things About Me

  1. I rode my bike 55 miles for donations of 100 + books for my students.
Bicycling for Books

Bicycling for Bikes


Mrs. Leopold rides her bike for donation of books.

Mrs. Leopold rides for her students at Green Valley Elementary School.

March 30th 009

Mrs. Leopold rides for books for students at Wilder Intermediate School.

2. My husband, Perry and I enjoy gardening on the Illinois Prairie.



Our Prairie Garden

Our Prairie Garden


Green Beans


Fresh Garden Lettuce


An organic garden




Fresh salad greens and basil

3. My husband Perry and I enjoy baking and cooking. Using ingredients harvested from our garden is the best.

A Braided Loaf of Bread

A Braided Loaf of Bread


Are you hungry yet?





Fresh, garden goodness.





May I serve you a slice of apple pie?



Help yourself to a peanut butter cookie or two.






How about some cookies for dessert?

How about some sugar cookies for dessert?

4. My sister, Jill and I are on a picture postcard!

Sue & Jill Our parents owned  The Sun Deck Motel

Sue & Jill
Our parents owned
The Sun Deck Motel

5. I enjoy sewing and creating for the grandkids.

Lily's skirt and matching bag

Lily’s skirt and matching bag


An owl and two wolves

Charlotte's Pillows

Charlotte’s Pillows

Lane's Buckaroo Vest

Lane’s Buckaroo Vest

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Lily's BD scepters

Lily’s BD scepters

6. I am an educator of hundreds of students over the years from preschool through junior high and college level students. I am currently providing Reading & Writing lessons after school and during the summer for students in our community.

7. I am a member of The Write Team for The Macoupin County Enquirer~Democrat Newspaper.

Time for my nominations. Hope I am not breaking the rules by recognizing only seven inspirational writers instead of fifteen. My nominations are authors, educators, illustrators and writers , who enjoy reading, writing and creating. Reading about their creative journeys inspires me to read, write and create every day.

And now in no particular order . . . I present to you:

Writing, Storytelling, Poetry and Illustration Angie Karcher

Poems for Kids of All Ages and Dreamers Everywhere Catherine M. Johnson

How to Raise Benevolent Dictators The Best Parenting Blog Ever That You Barely Heard Of Ariel Bernstein

Crafting Stories Juliana Lee

Writing Illustrating Reading Children’s Books Julie Rowan-Zoch

A Writer’s Blog by Tracey Cox

The Houdini Chronicles Lisa Alvarado

Please check out their blogs and you will see why each one is deserving of this award.

So dear authors, educators, illustrators and writerly friends, I recognize you with this Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Hope you can find some time in your busy lives of creating, educating, reading and writing to accept this award and pass it on to recognize others who enjoy the love of the written word.

P. S. I understand if you choose not to participate, as I know many folks do not like chain letters and chain blogs. I respect and value your time and know that you are reading, writing and creating good stuff. Please at least accept the recognition and the award.


About Prairie Garden Girl

I am a wife who is adored by my Sweet Perry. Together we are parents to five boys and grandparents to seven unique grands. Pa Perry and Oma Sue love instilling the love of learning in the hearts of Johannah, Joshua & Jaxon; Henry & Charlotte and Lily & Lane. I am a reader. I am an aspiring children's picture book writer. I am a creator who sews and paints with acrylics and watercolors and sketches with colored pencil. I am an educator to hundreds of students, throughout the years. I am a cyclist on a pink Marin Portofina, and a 5K jogger. Perry and I are organic gardeners and enjoy homesteading on the Illinois prairie. Life is a beautiful ride with my Sweet P. Together, Perry and I feel life is a journey filled with joy. We want to live our lives by leaving the world a better place.
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