4th Week of a #100 Day Challenge

Today is Day 24! I’m almost to the quarter mark of this #💯 Day Creative Challenge. Every day I work with a 4 X 6 postcard size cold pressed water colour pad. I’m creating with various mediums: acrylic paints, snipped painted paper, even book pages. Yes, I love books. Yes, I promote the love ofContinue reading “4th Week of a #100 Day Challenge”

All About Elaine Kiely Kearns

I interviewed KidLit 411 founder Elaine Keily Kearns on the GROG Blog today. Come follow me to the GROG Blog to learn all about Elaine’s debut book. Check out the link here. NOAH NOASAURUS is written by Elaine Kiely Kearns and illustrated by Colin Jack.

2nd Week of a #100 Day Challenge

Day 9/100. 4 x 6 postcard size on cold pressed 140 pounds water color pad. And the #100 Day Challenge continues. I’ve used the following mediums: acrylics, painted snipped paper, book pages, and colored pencils. You can find more creations on my Instagram account.

100 Day Creative Challenge

On April 1st I challenged myself to create every day. I enjoy following Tracey English, Artist, from London, United Kingdom on Instagram. She creates lessons lovely snip paper designs on hand coloured paper. Look for Tracey’s creations at her Etsy Shop. Let’s see if I can do this! I’m up to the challenge. Look for myContinue reading “100 Day Creative Challenge”