Book Giveaway: JUNE ALMEIDA, VIRUS DETECTIVE! by Suzanne Slade

Such a timely, important picture book about how June Almeida discovered the first human Coronavirus in 1964. Read more about this book on Kathy Temean’s blog and enter win a copy of this book.

100 Day Challenge Part II

The one hundred day challenge continues. Taking time to create every day is important to me. I feel this journey supports my wonder and curiosity about the world around me and offers and opportunity to grow as a creative. The second set of 4 X 4 cards are painted with a variety of watercolors, includingContinue reading “100 Day Challenge Part II”


100 Day Challenge 2021

It’s Springtime on the Illinois Prairie. This is the third year I am participating in a 100 Day Challenge. On April 1st I created my first creation. The final creation will be created on July 9th. My first creation is on a 4 X 4 inch watercolor piece of paper. I painted paper with acrylicsContinue reading “100 Day Challenge 2021”