Evie loves to run, jump, hop, and win! On field day she has a choice to win a trophy or be a good friend. Evie’s Field Day: More Than One Way to Win Written by Claire Annette Noland Illustrated by Alicia Teba Cardinal Rule Press, 2020. Read more about this adorable picture book on KathyContinue reading “EVIE’S FIELD DAY MORE THAN ONE WAY TO WIN”

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Swedish God Jul Norwegian God Jul  Finland Hyvää Joulua French Joyeux Noël Dutch Vrolijk Kerstfees Germany Fröhliche Weihnachten Hawaii Mele Kalimimaka  Italian Buon Natale  Spanish Feliz Navidad Ukraine з Різдвом England Happy Christmas Chinese 聖誕快樂 Japanese メリークリスマス` Finnish Hyvää joulua

Writers Create

Writers create the just-right words and sentences on a page to tell a story. Illustrators and artists create just right pictures and art to enhance and tell a story. Creating is powerful and allows writers to see themselves and reflect on their writing. Time to create. Gather together the following suggested supplies: Scrapbook paper, and/orContinue reading “Writers Create”