Praying for Peace & Healing

One week ago today, the unthinkable happened when two teachers and nineteen precious children were murdered while celebrating the last few days of the 21-22 school year at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas. It was the second deadliest school shooting in U. S. history. The tight-knit community is about 83 miles west of San Antonio.Continue reading “Praying for Peace & Healing”


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Swedish God Jul Norwegian God Jul  Finland Hyvää Joulua French Joyeux Noël Dutch Vrolijk Kerstfees Germany Fröhliche Weihnachten Hawaii Mele Kalimimaka  Italian Buon Natale  Spanish Feliz Navidad Ukraine з Різдвом England Happy Christmas Chinese 聖誕快樂 Japanese メリークリスマス` Finnish Hyvää joulua

Writers Create

Writers create the just-right words and sentences on a page to tell a story. Illustrators and artists create just right pictures and art to enhance and tell a story. Creating is powerful and allows writers to see themselves and reflect on their writing. Time to create. Gather together the following suggested supplies: Scrapbook paper, and/orContinue reading “Writers Create”

Part VI 100 Day Challenge

I reached the half way mark! Posting another set of ten creations for the 100 Day Challenge. This set includes remembering two legendary, award winning authors and illustrators. Eric Carle 1929-2021 Lois Ehlert 1934-2021

Part IV 100 Day Challenge

The 100 Day Challenge continues as I create on 4 X 4 watercolor paper every day. The following creations are painted with watercolor. The theme is picture book characters. Painting faces was challenging for me. I stepped up to the challenge and put forth the effort. Most importantly, I enjoyed my time creating.

100 Day Challenge 2021

It’s Springtime on the Illinois Prairie. This is the third year I am participating in a 100 Day Challenge. On April 1st I created my first creation. The final creation will be created on July 9th. My first creation is on a 4 X 4 inch watercolor piece of paper. I painted paper with acrylicsContinue reading “100 Day Challenge 2021”

Time to Make a Journal

Many people, young and old, keep journals-artists, students, teachers, librarians, gardeners, farmers, athletes, politicians, scientists, writers, chefs, and many, many more.  A journal can be used to record every day events and topics that interest you. A journal may include daily entries that record news and events that are personal in nature. Some journals become similarContinue reading “Time to Make a Journal”