Remembering Tomie dePaola

Tomie dePaola was an acclaimed American writer and illustrator. He wrote and/or illustrated over 250 books for children. Thomas Anthony was born in Meriden, Connecticut to Joseph and Florence dePaola on September 15, 1934. To readers and admirers, he is known as Tomie. One of the best known and best-loved authors, Tomie signed his nameContinue reading “Remembering Tomie dePaola”


Part VI 100 Day Challenge

I reached the half way mark! Posting another set of ten creations for the 100 Day Challenge. This set includes remembering two legendary, award winning authors and illustrators. Eric Carle 1929-2021 Lois Ehlert 1934-2021

Part IV 100 Day Challenge

The 100 Day Challenge continues as I create on 4 X 4 watercolor paper every day. The following creations are painted with watercolor. The theme is picture book characters. Painting faces was challenging for me. I stepped up to the challenge and put forth the effort. Most importantly, I enjoyed my time creating.

Book Giveaway: DUMPLINGS FOR LILI by Melissa Iwai

Dumplings for Lili written and illustrated by Melissa Iwai is on my BTR [Books to Read List], Norton Young Readers, June 2021. Together Lili and Nai Nai love cooking baos together. But today they are out of cabbage. Read more on Melissa Iwai’s web site and Kathy Temean’s blog.

100 Day Challenge Part III

Here are ten more creations: This set of ten is created with acrylic paints. Some include mixed media and cut paper pieces. Reading, writing, and creating always fill my heart with joy and a sense of accomplishment. May the season of spring fill your heart with joy, too.

100 Day Challenge Part II

The one hundred day challenge continues. Taking time to create every day is important to me. I feel this journey supports my wonder and curiosity about the world around me and offers and opportunity to grow as a creative. The second set of 4 X 4 cards are painted with a variety of watercolors, includingContinue reading “100 Day Challenge Part II”

100 Day Challenge 2021

It’s Springtime on the Illinois Prairie. This is the third year I am participating in a 100 Day Challenge. On April 1st I created my first creation. The final creation will be created on July 9th. My first creation is on a 4 X 4 inch watercolor piece of paper. I painted paper with acrylicsContinue reading “100 Day Challenge 2021”

A Creative Life

In general finding a balance in life can be a challenge. Adding creativity to days already filled from sun up to sunset can make life even more demanding. However, it doesn’t need to be. Think about your priorities. What is important to you? Consider your beliefs and value system. I’m quite certain many would agreeContinue reading “A Creative Life”

2nd Week of a #100 Day Challenge

Day 9/100. 4 x 6 postcard size on cold pressed 140 pounds water color pad. And the #100 Day Challenge continues. I’ve used the following mediums: acrylics, painted snipped paper, book pages, and colored pencils. You can find more creations on my Instagram account.