Is Your Story Ready for Submission?

You wrote a story. You should be proud. What’s the next step? Is it time to send your story out on a submission? Submitting your work to a literary agent or a publisher is a big step. Consider these questions and tips before moving forward with submitting your work. Question: Are you reading widely? Tip:Continue reading “Is Your Story Ready for Submission?”


Remembering Tomie dePaola

Tomie dePaola was an acclaimed American writer and illustrator. He wrote and/or illustrated over 250 books for children. Thomas Anthony was born in Meriden, Connecticut to Joseph and Florence dePaola on September 15, 1934. To readers and admirers, he is known as Tomie. One of the best known and best-loved authors, Tomie signed his nameContinue reading “Remembering Tomie dePaola”