Good Trick, Giant Walking Sticks!

Good Trick, Giant Walking Sticks! By Suzy Leopold The snow melts and spring blooms. It’s springtime on the Midwest Prairie. Tiny eggs move. Wriggle! Wiggle! Pop! Out crawl insects. Giant walking sticks. Good trick, walking sticks! The nymphs are hungry. Slow walkers. Searching for food. Discover green leaves to munch. Munch! Crunch! Good trick, walkingContinue reading “Good Trick, Giant Walking Sticks!”


Kids’ Choice KidLit Writing Contest

Today the finalists and the honorable mentions for the 1st Annual Kids’ Choice Kidlit Writing Contest are announced by Kailei Pew. Such an amazing contest judged by kids! I am thankful and honored to be selected for honorable mention for my two-character picture book entry BOOKWORM AND ROBIN. Congratulations and best wishes to all whoContinue reading “Kids’ Choice KidLit Writing Contest”

Kids’ Choice KidLit Writing Contest

Word count: 196 BOOKWORM AND ROBIN by Suzy Leopold [Two-character dialogue.] Robin: “Hello there!” Bookworm:  “Don’t eat me!” “Here I come!” “You have the wrong worm!” “You look tasty.” “I am not tasty.” “Yam! I love yams.” “No! I said I’m not tasty.” Robin: “Are you juicy!” Bookworm: “I’m not juicy. You need a plumperContinue reading “Kids’ Choice KidLit Writing Contest”


Summer Lights on a Summer Night By Suzy Leopold Sun slants low.  Twilight follows.  Shimmering, silvery! Moonlight shines.  Scent of honeysuckle seeps through the air.  Screen doors slam.  Footsteps follow.  Whirling, twirling! Children swirling.  Hear their excitement and the laughter.  Summer nights.  Sparkly lights.  Blinking, flashing! Fireflies aglow.  Chase the bright, fluttering lanterns. Nets and jars. Continue reading “SUMMER LIGHTS ON A SUMMER NIGHT”

Picture Book Party Contest

Mindy Alyse Weiss is hosting the 7th annual Picture Book Party Contest. Thirty favorite entries will be selected. From there many literary agents and editors will read a query letter and the first 60-70 words of a manuscript to make a selection. Thank you Mindy Alyse Weiss and the dream team of judges for supportingContinue reading “Picture Book Party Contest”

Hello, Sunflower!

HELLO, SUNFLOWER! By Suzy Leopold I begin as a seed— gray with stripes. Planted in the garden. On a warm spring day. My seed cracks. I sprout beneath the soil. A root digs deep. A shoot breaks through.  A seedling sprouts. I reach high into the sky. Spring rains. Strong winds. I stand tall andContinue reading “Hello, Sunflower!”

Spring Fling Writing Contest

SPRINGTIME ON THE PRAIRIE by Suzy Leopold Winter white is melting, revealing shades of green. Raindrops fall. Puddles deepen. A season emerges with a new debut,              Welcoming a new beginning on the prairie. Seedlings peek through the soil, seeking warmth from the sun. Buds burst. Leaves unfurl. Flowers paintContinue reading “Spring Fling Writing Contest”


HIP, HIP, HOORAY FOR FALL! by Sue Leopold                                                                                   Word count: 200 Kidlit Fall Frenzy ContestContinue reading “HIP, HIP, HOORAY FOR FALL!”