Good Trick, Giant Walking Sticks!

Good Trick, Giant Walking Sticks! By Suzy Leopold The snow melts and spring blooms. It’s springtime on the Midwest Prairie. Tiny eggs move. Wriggle! Wiggle! Pop! Out crawl insects. Giant walking sticks. Good trick, walking sticks! The nymphs are hungry. Slow walkers. Searching for food. Discover green leaves to munch. Munch! Crunch! Good trick, walkingContinue reading “Good Trick, Giant Walking Sticks!”



Summer Lights on a Summer Night By Suzy Leopold Sun slants low.  Twilight follows.  Shimmering, silvery! Moonlight shines.  Scent of honeysuckle seeps through the air.  Screen doors slam.  Footsteps follow.  Whirling, twirling! Children swirling.  Hear their excitement and the laughter.  Summer nights.  Sparkly lights.  Blinking, flashing! Fireflies aglow.  Chase the bright, fluttering lanterns. Nets and jars. Continue reading “SUMMER LIGHTS ON A SUMMER NIGHT”