Kids’ Choice KidLit Writing Contest

Word count: 196 BOOKWORM AND ROBIN by Suzy Leopold [Two-character dialogue.] Robin: “Hello there!” Bookworm:  “Don’t eat me!” “Here I come!” “You have the wrong worm!” “You look tasty.” “I am not tasty.” “Yam! I love yams.” “No! I said I’m not tasty.” Robin: “Are you juicy!” Bookworm: “I’m not juicy. You need a plumperContinue reading “Kids’ Choice KidLit Writing Contest”



I’m participating in Storystorm 2022! Are you? Today is the last day to register for this annual event. Over the years, since 2009, author and blogger, Tara Lazar has hosted this amazing event with opportunities for readers, writers, educators, and individuals interested in writing and illustrating picture books for children. Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo)Continue reading “Storystorm”