Summer Lights on a Summer Night By Suzy Leopold Sun slants low.  Twilight follows.  Shimmering, silvery! Moonlight shines.  Scent of honeysuckle seeps through the air.  Screen doors slam.  Footsteps follow.  Whirling, twirling! Children swirling.  Hear their excitement and the laughter.  Summer nights.  Sparkly lights.  Blinking, flashing! Fireflies aglow.  Chase the bright, fluttering lanterns. Nets and jars. Continue reading “SUMMER LIGHTS ON A SUMMER NIGHT”

Time to Make a Journal

Many people, young and old, keep journals-artists, students, teachers, librarians, gardeners, farmers, athletes, politicians, scientists, writers, chefs, and many, many more.  A journal can be used to record every day events and topics that interest you. A journal may include daily entries that record news and events that are personal in nature. Some journals become similarContinue reading “Time to Make a Journal”

A Creative Life

In general finding a balance in life can be a challenge. Adding creativity to days already filled from sun up to sunset can make life even more demanding. However, it doesn’t need to be. Think about your priorities. What is important to you? Consider your beliefs and value system. I’m quite certain many would agreeContinue reading “A Creative Life”

#50 Precious Words 2021 Contest with Vivian Kirkfield

HELLO, SUNFLOWER! I begin as a striped seed. Planted in the garden. Spring rains.  I sprout beneath the soil. A root digs deep.  A shoot breaks through.  A seedling sprouts.  A woody stem. I reach for the sky. Summer days. Tight buds.  Sunny, yellow petals appear. I make a debut. Hello, world!